Davy, Yumiko, Simeon Toratarou and Clive Keiji Millard

Davy and Yumiko both grew up in Japan and they both attended college in the U.S. Davy studied Bible and Christian Education. Yumiko probably studied Youth Ministry…
Their dream is to see revival take place in Japan and to be sent out by the Japanese Church to…the ends of the earth.

A little about Davy

I grew up in Japan for most of my life. When I first started to feel like God was calling me to do mission, I didn’t really want to come back and serve in Japan. But I had a bad feeling. After my sophomore year in college I went to do an internship at a mission organization (PAZ) in Brazil. I saw with my own eyes what a revival looks like. And I was jealous. I was furious at the unfairness of all that was happening in Brazil and the fact that NOTHING was happening in Japan. And God said, “What are you gonna do about son?” And here I am.
Our vision as you have probably seen on this website is to plant churches and make disciples, make disciples that will go out and make more.

We beg you for your prayers and support.

A little about Yumiko

I grew up in a small town in Chiba, Japan. When I was a high school student, I FINALLY accepted Jesus and dedicated my life to Him. After graduating from high school, I went to a university in Chicago where I studied youth ministry. Living in a country where I didn’t have any friends and couldn’t speak the language was life changing. When I was a junior year in college, I worked at a youth ministry called Hi-B.A. (High School Born Againers) in Japan for the summer. That summer I really felt God has a plan for me to serve him in Japan. I fell in love with Davy and his passion for God and for the vision that God had given him. We got married in 2007 and I am overwhelmed with the privilege of being able to work together for the Lord every day. We have a 1 year old son, Simeon. I am running after him every day…

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