KJ Singleton

K.J. was born in 1985 and accepted Christ in 1990. He is currently attending Eternity Bible College as an online student and the working on the first stage of his Missionary acquiring the language and cultural knowledge.

KJ’s testimony

I grew up in Central Illinois, I came to know Christ at a very young age and from the time I was fifteen knew that God was calling me to missions in Japan. I have had a lot of struggles getting to the point where I could actually become a missionary. My path is anything but conventional, but it has been centered on following Christ. I found sunrise online through a video about their relief work after the 3/11/11 disasters. I was so impressed by their humble attitude and how they were helping meet the physical needs of people while proclaiming Christ that I decided that I needed to go and meet them face to face. It has been a great experience working with them so far and am happy to be their first missionary intern.

KJ’s Vision

My vision is for Christ to be glorified in the lives of millions of Japanese. The Bible seems clear that they way we reach the world is discipleship. I have a desire to work in the countryside of Japan. I know I have a soft heart and because of that I like to minister with people that have harder lives: the poor, people from broken homes, disaster victims. Though, I hope that God brings me people from all walks of life to share the love and truth of Christ with. One of my visions is that the disciples God is making through me will help to change Japan’s business world into a place where men don’t have to choose between their job and their families.

Connect with KJ

Hi would love to hear from you. Please pray for me as I raise financial support to go back to Japan as soon as I can.

email: kj

blog: kjsprayer

Stories of God’s faithfulness

On my first trip to serve with Sunrise I had less than a month from the time that I was invited until I went to Japan and went fully supported. I did have to quit my job in order to go, but within 3 weeks of returning I was blessed with another job to get me by until I returned to Japan. God has been ridiculously gracious.