We’re excited that work on the Cross Bible Study is rapidly progressing. Japanese, Chinese and English editions are already in print, with four more localized editions in process. Pastors and churches across Asia are using this resource to equip disciples and multiply churches.

Cross Bible StudyCross Bible Study is a simple approach to help you encounter Christ personally through your daily time in the Word. This approach emphasizes meditating on passages in the Bible, hearing Jesus speak through those passages and obeying Jesus.
Another primary goal of Cross Bible Study is to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. Daily time in God’s Word is a major factor in your spiritual growth. In order to grow as Jesus’ disciple you need to learn to feed continually on the Word of God.
We believe that Jesus speaks to us personally through the Bible. However, the goal is not just to get a nice devotional feeling or to gain intellectual knowledge during our daily time in the Word. The goal is to spend time with Jesus, to encounter Him through the Scriptures, and to obey Him.
Disciples grow by hearing and obeying Jesus. Our understanding of spiritual things and growth as His disciples increases dramatically as we obey Him in our daily lives. Cross Bible Study will help you focus on hearing Jesus speak through the Bible and on obeying Him in real life situations. Disciples grow rapidly when they love Jesus and radically obey Him.
This workbook includes three main sections: Cross Bible Study, The Wheel: Living as Disciples of Jesus, and 45 Cross Bible Studies.

クロス・バイブル・スタディーは、みなさんが毎日聖書を読む時にキリストご自身に出会うお手伝いとして 作りました。聖書の箇所をよく考えること、イエス様の声を聞くこと、そしてイエス様に従うことを中心としています。


If you are interesting in inspecting a pdf copy, English and Japanese versions may be found here.


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Hi all! We finally made the move up to Ishinomaki. Here is our update. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Joey and Ai

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Thank you from Pastor Eddy Leo from Sunrise International Ministries on Vimeo.

Thank you all for your support!


Here are some pictures of the retreat for Cambodian pastors. The retreat was March 11-15. There were about 60 pastors there from more than 10 denominations in Cambodia. It was a great time. Everyone was encouraged and touched by the Lord.

Thank you all for praying and for supporting this ministry!




Hi Everyone!

Here’s our last year newsletter for the 2012 calendar year. Get it on our blog.

Thanks so much to everyone for your prayers and financial support of the Sunrise family! We are blessed by you ministry partnership.

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Peter and Wendi


Hi Everyone!

Our latest newsletter is posted on our blog. We’d love you to read it and join in praying with us for Japan. Jesus is doing great things!

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Peter and Wendi


Hi ministry partners of Sunrise!

We’re Peter and Wendi Thomson, and wanted to let you know what brought us to the Sunrise family.

Over the past four years our ministry in leadership development and church multiplication has shifted from a focus on pastors and established churches to seeking Kingdom transformation in businesses, schools and communities by more actively engaging these arenas. Our previous mission (which we love!) is fully focused on pastors and established churches and doesn’t have the capacity to support moving in new directions right now. We already work with a great collaborative network of Japanese leaders and believers, but also need a mission more able to provide synergy for this ministry philosophy and strategy.

So after much pray and intercession,  this fall we transfered from Asian Access to Sunrise. As you already know, Sunrise is a mission organization that ‘exists in order to make disciples and multiply churches in Japan and throughout Asia.’ In terms of vision and mission, it is similar to Asian Access, and Sunrise has highly influenced much of the leadership development Asian Access does in countries across Asia. Our first connection with Sunrise was while we served in Yokohama with Jim and Masako from 1997-1999.

During these two years, we served in an internship under Jim and Masako to help prepare us for future church-planting projects. Highly formative to our growth in the Lord and as missionaries, our time together has influenced our entire ministry since then. The centrality of the love relationship with Jesus to all we do, the importance of listening to and aligning with God, reproducible discipleship models, and simple structures are some of the main principles they imparted to us. Since 1999, we have stayed in contact with the Millards and have benefited from their discipleship and input into our lives.

Jim spends a large portion of his time facilitating Asian Access’ leadership development in other Asian countries, which is one reason why we love Sunrise. Sunrise and Asian Access have demonstrated successful collaboration for many years, and we look forward to continued collaboration with the Asian Access family of missionaries.

Other reasons we are drawn to Sunrise include: Jim and Masako’s love and passion for Jesus and people, and their focus on relationships. They never fail to challenge us to love Jesus more. In addition to Jim and Masako, their sons, Joey and his family, Noah, and Davy and his family serve with Sunrise. That all of their children were raised in Japan, including their youngest daughter in the US, and are living in love-relationships with Jesus, is a model that greatly encourages us as our eldest children have moved into secondary education. Our family holds similar ministry philosophies to everyone in Sunrise, and we believe the counsel and discipleship we will receive as part of this mission will take our ministry forward. Additionally, we love the culture (Jesus-focused, edgy and familial) of Sunrise.

Essentially, our ministry as a part of Sunrise will look much like it does now. However, we are not joining Sunrise because it will simply allow us to keep doing what we are doing. We are joining Sunrise because we believe it can provide needed direction, accountability, experience and honesty to take our ministry further. We are excited to go deeper in loving on Japan and seeing transformation take place throughout society.

We look forward to getting to know you, the ministry partners of Sunrise, and to many fruitful years of ministry.


Peter, Wendi and kids



August NL from Joey and Ai. Check it out. August Newsletter 2012 Joey and Ai



Welcome to the world Liam Enzo Millard


Here’s some news from us as the Sunrise family grows. Praise God for his blessings!

Jim and Masako April 2012 update pdf